The Balkan Blockchain Association (BBA) is a not-for-profit organisation that brings together key individuals and business from the Bulgarian and international blockchain scene. BBA aims to assist the blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) ecosystem development throughout the Balkans region by empowering communication and networking, advocating for adoption of a proper regulatory framework, strengthening the networking of good practices in the industry and promoting education. BBA strives to make the Balkans renowned place for blockchain and DLT business and to situate Bulgaria as a key player in the blockchain and DLT technology, innovation and entrepreneurship within the Balkans.

The Balkan Blockchain Association has several practice areas:

  • Regulatory and Policy making Initiative for the establishment of a proper regulatory framework for the blockchain and DLT technology with the goal foreign investors to launch their business locally. The adoption of a proper regulatory framework will limit the malicious and fraudulent action of bad actors and help this technology gain wide adoption and trust.
  • Public sector Initiative with the goal the possibilities that the blockchain and DLT technology provides to be explored in the public sector and
  • to promote the implementation of this technology where it might have positive effect for the society and the administration.
  • Networking Initiative to establish contacts and empower cooperation with other local, European and international organisations.
  • Educational and Event Management Initiative to grow the blockchain community.
  • Market analysis for the blockchain and DLT industry.

Why We Exist:

Our goal is to advance trust, transparency, safety and innovation through distributed technologies and services.


  • Trust We understand the value of trusted relationships at all levels of the society and the economy, and strive to earn and keep the trust of all those with whom we interact.
  • Transparency We are transparent in our dealings and protect personal privacy. We look for the same in those with whom we work.
  • Collaboration We believe in the strength of enthusiastic cooperation and work to foster collaboration within our ecosystem and the wider community.
  • Amplify our message through
  • Clarify the technology’s functionality and benefits to dispel negative sentiment and misinformation.
  • Represent our industry in front of regulators and lawmakers.
  • Share our enthusiasm for the potential of blockchain technology with a wide audience.
  • Coordinate grassroots advocacy with tech organizations, entrepreneurs and users.
  • Participate in regulatory and policy discussions at a national and international level.