Rosen Plevneliev

Rosen Plevneliev is the fourth democratically elected Bulgarian President.

Born on 14 May 1964. Graduated Technical University in Sofia, specializing computer science.
Plevneliev was elected President of the Republic of Bulgaria in November 2011. His mandate was very difficult and demanding, during а time of an extraordinary instability in the region, Europe and around the world.

Plevneliev initiated the National Development Programme Bulgaria 2020 and the Bulgaria 2030 debate. He set long-term national priorities such as innovations, e-government, e-voting, ambitious modernization programme, connectivity, vocational education system, long-term public planning, energy efficiency, liberalization and diversification. He established and is the patron of the first innovation ecosystem and the first hi-tech park in Bulgaria and on the Balkans – Sofia Tech Park.

Plevneliev is patron of hi-tech industries such as Information and Communication Technologies, outsourcing and automotive.