Svetlin Nakov on BNR

It is necessary to create a business environment that facilitates the blockchain business. The first step in doing so is the establishment of a solid unified representative of the sector – the Balkan Blockchain Association.

Some of the founders’ ideas  include elaboration and adoption of a modern blockchain legislation, introduction of blockchain technologies in the public sector and to the society as a whole, the legal framework for crypto-investments and the crypto-entrepreneurship, and last but not least the crypto-education.

The goal of the organization is to help create a favorable environment for the blockchain business. In many countries around the world there is no legislation for those companies that operate with crypto  currencies or create such. There is a need for legislation and legal frameworks and there are countries where this is done. If we make modern block legislation in Bulgaria, we will attract good money in the innovative sectors, said the  software specialist and entrepreneur Svetlin Nakov.