The Balkan Blockchain Association was Established in Sofia, Bulgaria

We are pleased to announce the foundation of the Balkan Blockchain Association (BBA). In 2018, the Balkan Blockchain Association was started in Sofia with the goal to support blockchain projects and initiatives in the region. The Balkan Blockchain Association (BBA) is a not-for-profit organization devoted to support the development of the blockchain and DLT ecosystem, industry and community in Southeast Europe.

Bulgaria and the local dev community haven’t been too vocal about this, but it seems that the country has an important stake in the global blockchain ecosystem. With a growing community around the technology (not the fading crypto enthusiasm), the global acceleration program of platform Aeternity for blockchain startups and the investment company Belayer based in Sofia, a Balkan Blockchain Association seems to be well positioned on the map.

“Often enough when we talk about Bulgaria we observe it as an isolated market. That’s wrong, particularly when it comes to blockchain – the local ecosystem is one of the best connected to the leading global names and companies”, said Todorov.